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Southwest Nova Biosphere Reports

Species at Risk in Nova Scotia: Identification and Information Guide

This handy and easy-to-read guide has a page for each species at risk in Nova Scotia. To view online

Landowner Stewardship Guide For Species at Risk in Nova Scotia

This landowner stewardship guide is about living with species at risk, specifically the Blanding’s Turtle, Eastern Ribbonsnake, and 11 plant species that are part of a group called Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora. These species are at risk of disappearing from Nova Scotia and they need your help. Landowners have the unique opportunity to participate in species at risk stewardship right in their own backyards.


  • Provide ways to protect and preserve our wetlands and water resources.
  • Suggest actions that people can take to help species at risk and the habitats they depend on.
  • Help to maintain a healthy environment for you and your family and those who use the land after you

View online here :

Healthy Lakes and Wetlands For Tomorrow: A Landowner Stewardship Guide for Species at Risk

This resource is a great companion for the species at risk in Nova Scotia ID guide. It is written specifically for landowners in Nova Scotia who wish to learn how to live in harmony with their environment, and all the creatures great and small who share the land with them. The full colour booklet is available for FREE when you express interest in stewardship. Please contact us if you would like a copy, or email the author, Megan Crowley, at

Annual Reports of Research and Monitoring in the Greater Kejimkujik Ecosystem

With Parks Canada, MTRI has co-produced reports about research and monitoring in the Greater Kejimkujik Ecosystem. Available for download in PDF format: