Medway Community Forest Co-op Operations Tour – October 2, 2022

Medway Community Forest Cooperative

Join us this Sunday, October 2nd in the field, from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Medway Community Forest Operations Tour
Medway Community Forest Operations Tour

We’ll meet at the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI) at 10am and travel together up the Medway west branch.

First stop, a harvest block with trial best management practices for at-risk birds in partnership with Dr. Cindy Staicer. Cindy and Abby Lewis (MTRI) will join, sharing more about their research on migratory at-risk forest birds.

Next stop, an ongoing research trial (Expanding Group Gap Selection harvest) launched in 2010 with Dr. Bob Seymour & Bowater Mersey Paper Co. This site is quite unique with relics and old forest patches mixed in the stand. We will share about with this management prescription and open discussion on how silviculture can restore Acadian forest characteristics, uneven-aged structure, and balance or restore wildlife habitat. We’re planning a second entry at this stand in the coming year. Now is a great time to tour, examining the patch regeneration following the Bowater entry and to discuss how best to expand the gaps. There are a number of at-risk bird species breeding or feeding around this stand in the spring, so we’ll touch on management considerations for them here as well.

Last stop, an old growth Hemlock stand impacted by Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in the Snowshoe Lakes Nature Reserve. In mid-August an announcement was made from Environment and Climate Change Canada, that they will be working together with NSECC to conserve old-growth forests and address the hemlock woolly adelgid. Under the Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund, Environment and Climate Change Canada has agreed to commit up to $10 million, which will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon sequestration, while also providing benefits for biodiversity and human wellbeing.

We’re looking forward to spending a fall day in the field with the community – welcoming questions, suggestions, and discussion!

FYI: When registering, let us know if you have access to a high clearance vehicle or require a ride with someone who does.

Register (via email) – Harvest Tour

OR call: 902-701-0505

Map of Medway Community Forest - showing License area
Photo: A map of the MCFC license area in blue, with a red circle highlighting the area we will visit together on Sunday. (Yellow and pink are protected areas, darker green is kejimkujik National Park, light green is crown, and white is private lands)


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