MTRI Winter 2022 Sit Back Seminars

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Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute
Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute

Our Winter Sit Back Seminars

Do these cold, dark days stuck inside have you wishing for warmer weather so you can get outside? Well, we have the second-best thing! Join us on the last Thursday of the month for our Sit Back Seminars. Each month we will host local researchers, naturalists and knowledge holders, all sharing the biodiversity of Kespukwitk, SW Nova Scotia.

To participate, please register for these free Zoom sessions, using the links below.

MTRI Winter Sit Back Seminars
MTRI Winter Sit Back Seminars

Phytoplankton: What, Where, and Why Should I Care?

Thursday, January 27, at 7 PM
Ph.D. candidate Loay Jabre from Dalhousie University

Phytoplankton are tiny photosynthetic organisms that form the basis of marine food webs and fisheries, contributing to the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide. This talk will be an overview of what phytoplankton are and how they function, where do we find them, and their importance for both marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

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Perspectives of Hormesis in Insects: Pests, Predators, and Pollinators

Thursday, February 24, at 7 PM

by Rachel Rix

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The Family Forest Network: Building the Foundation for Ecologically Sensitive Forest Management

Thursday, March 31, at 7 PM

by Andrew Kekacs

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