MTRI Week of Appreciation – Two New NS Protected Areas

We are sharing an announcement from the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI) about the recent addition of 10 new ‘protected areas’ in Nova Scotia. Read the News Release from the Province of Nova Scotia: Greater Land Protection Across Nova Scotia

MTRI is celebrating NS’s new protected areas!

With the announcement of 10 new protected areas, Nova Scotia has now preserved 12.83% of the province, very close to its 13% goal.

Two of these protected areas are near MTRI, include critical habitat for species at risk and have been named to reflect their importance to the Mi’kmaq people: the Katewe’katik (GAH-du-weg-a-dig) Wilderness Area, near McGowan Lake, and the Pu’tlaqne’katik (BOOD-lagk-neg-a-dig) Wilderness Area, near Pleasant River.

In celebration of Nova Scotia’s new protected areas, MTRI has created a Week of Appreciation for Katewe’katik and Pu’tlaqne’katik. As part of the festivities, we will be hosting a 9-day BioBlitz in the Katewe’katik and Pu’tlaqne’kati Wilderness Areas and leading interpretive walks exploring each.

Starting this Friday, Oct. 29, we will be launching our Week of Appreciation for the new Katewe’katik (GAH-du-weg-a-dig) and Pu’tlaqne’katik (BOOD-lagk-neg-a-dig) Wilderness Areas. Over the week, we will be sharing the inspiring histories and stunning biodiversity of these two parks, launching a 9-day BioBlitz and leading two interpretive walks to explore and share the value of Katewe’katik and Pu’tlaqne’katik.

Upcoming Events:

October 30 to November 9, 2020, Katewe’katik and Pu’tlaqne’kati Wilderness Areas BioBlitz, online event: Details on Facebook

November 2, 2020, Katewe’katik Wilderness Area Interpretive Walk : Details on Facebook

November 7, 2020, Pu’tlaqne’kati Wilderness Area Interpretive Walk: Details on Facebook

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