2015 Annual SNBR Activities Report

2015-16 Accomplishments :

  1. Prepared ‘Looking to the Future’ Business/Action Plan;
  2. Prepared ‘Addressingthe Challenge’ report, abstract, executive summary and comments on process for Periodic Review requirements.
  3. Completed “Touring Through Time/Une Tournée Dans L’Passé” heritage presentation smartphone app, including design, map, theme attributes; website update; news release distribution.
  4. Prepared SNBR poster; new Digby highway sign; promotional materials for distribution.
  5. Coordinated science workshop with environmental NGO’s to harmonize activities; participated in N.S. Communities Culture and Heritage (NSDCCH) Conference; western N.S. Tourism Assoc. workshop;
  6. Participated in Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (NSDNR) Crown Lands Advisory Committee; prepared ‘Biodiversity Rich Areas’ criteria; input for Medway River district certification and 2 forestry policy workshops.
  7. Meetings with 2 Members of Parliament; Premier of Nova Scotia; senior management from NSDNR and NSDCCH; 5 municipal councils; Association of Municipal Administrators to discuss enhancement of heritage presentation and science capacity.
  8. Developed ‘Phase 1’ scientific framework and business plan for ‘Southwest Nova Biosphere Region Interactive Science Atlas’ project.
  9. Participation with Yarmouth town for a ‘Southwest Nova Biosphere Region Interpretive Centre.
  10. Implemented UNESCO Biosphere Region Certificate of Achievement for Université Saint Anne students.
  11. The long awaited completion of the Parks and Protected Areas Plan to protect 13 % of Nova Scotia was completed in December 2015, which also increased the Tobeatic Wilderness Area by 16,803 ha.

Upcoming activities planned for 2016-17:

  1. Implement ‘Interactive Science Atlas’ project with advisory team input subject to funds availability.
  2. Revisit Biosphere Region zoning with biodiversity and jurisdictional considerations; prepare report with CCU input for UNESCO Paris.
  3. Complete preparations for Yarmouth Town SNBR Interpretive Centre including large screen use of the “Touring Through Time/Une Tournée Dans L’Passé” map app.
  4. Further discussion with Bay Ferries Inc. to facilitate passenger access to SNBR information.
  5. Relocate SNBR office to ‘Caledonia Business Hub’.
  6. Update SNBR bylaws.
  7. Continue discussions with government and partners to enhance SNBR heritage presentation and science capacity.