Southwest Nova Biosphere Winter 2023 Newsletter

Southwest Nova Biosphere Winter Newsletter 2023
Southwest Nova Biosphere Winter Newsletter 2023 (PDF)

The Winter 2023 edition of the Southwest Biosphere newsletter discusses topics related to sustainable development that balances ecological concerns, social goods and economic production and stability.

In this issue, there is a review of the role of agriculture, and forest and trees within the Biosphere Region.

Conservation is often associated with the preservation of untouched ecosystems. But, the Biosphere Region, Nova Scotia (Kespukwitk to the Mi’kmaw), must also focus on agricultural landscapes for four major reasons:

  1. Food security and meaningful local employment
  2. Forestry
  3. Carbon sequestration
  4. Biodiversity

Winter 2023 Newsletter Table of Contents

Part I: Agriculture

Patterns of Soils and Productivity in Kespukwitk – Page 5

A Short History of Agriculture in Kejimkujik National Park – Page 8

Lessons from Tunwath – Page 12

Wild Rose Farm: Gilberte and Siegmar Doelle, Gilbert’s Cove – Page 14

d’Entremont Ridge Vineyards – Page 17

Agroforestry – Page 19

Part II: Forests And Trees

Field to Forest – Page 23

Putting Old Fields into the Ecological Forestry Approach in Southwest Nova Scotia – Page 23

“Invasive Plants”: The new kids on the block – Page 26

Ecological Forestry in Nova Scotia – High Production Forestry & Important Context for the Triad Approach – Page 29

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