SW Nova Biosphere Times Summer 2022 Newsletter

Just released! Our first edition of the Southwest Nova Biosphere Times, for summer 2022. We highlight a variety of stories about the Biosphere from biodiversity to history, to notable people, and our first land purchase!

New editions will come out as seasons change, so keep an eye out in the fall for our next release!

As the summer comes to an end we are saying goodbye to our summer students: Hannah Saulnier, Jai Shankle, Christopher Pace, Jeremy Ayotte, Samuel Angel, and Hadi Mouazzen. Best of luck with your next year of studies!

Nick Hill is the author of all the articles that do not include a name at the bottom. Shayla Nickerson was responsible for the editing and layout. Any questions or comments can be emailed to fernhillns@gmail.com .

Summer 2022 Edition includes:

SW Nova Biosphere Times - Summer 2022 Edition
SW Nova Biosphere Times – Summer 2022 Edition (PDF)
  1. The Geological Bones of Kespukwitk
  2. Hemlock Restoration in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site
  3. Wetland Work at Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute
  4. Wildcat’s Earthkeepers
  5. Poetry Corner
  6. Horseshoe Lake Fire
  7. OECMS and Protected Areas and Canada’s drive for 25% by 2025
  8. SNBR’s First Land Purchase: The Uhlman Wisqoq Swamp
  9. Prince Albert Potatoes on the North Mountain
  10. The Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation (ABC) Plan Program – identifying co-benefits for biodiversity and local agriculture
  11. In Memory of John Leefe
  12. The Mighty SMG Mill and Tiny Homes in Mavillette
  13. The Acadian Red Spruce Forest
  14. Invasive Plants: Time for Action on the Himalayan Blackberry
  15. Weymouth Post Office and the Salt Marsh

SW Nova Biosphere Times – Summer 2022 (PDF, 2.5Mb).