Welcome to the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve!

The Southwestern region of Nova Scotia was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2001. It is one of only 18 ecosystems in Canada with this special designation.

Our local governments, businesses and communities recognized the special qualities of our natural and cultural heritage, and joined together to help create our biosphere reserve. The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve Association seeks to balance the conservation of nature and cultural heritage with sustainable resource development to support prosperous local economies and healthy communities.

Learn more about the Southwest Nova Biosphere, see the Biosphere Map, and FAQs about biospheres.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve has something to offer. Explore Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve via:

Southwest Nova Biosphere Tourism Vignettes
Southwest Nova Biosphere Tourism Vignettes
 'Touring Through Time' SNBRA App
‘Touring Through Time’ SNBRA App

Nova Scotia Interactive Science Atlas v1
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Our Guiding Objectives:

For nature, we support protection of biodiversity, conservation efforts and collaboration for success through education and research.

For culture, we help promote the integrity of cultural resources and heritage in the region.

For industry, we promote and encourage traditional and contemporary sustainable resource management that identifies opportunities for enhancement and innovation.

For communities, we encourage people to work together for common goals in new and expanded partnerships.