The Pre-Loyalists or Planters

The deportation of the Acadians from Nova Scotia created both a need and an opportunity for British settlers from New England to take up the vacated Acadian lands. Within the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve, the townships of Liverpool, Barrington, Yarmouth, Annapolis and Granville were re-settled by New Englanders, mainly from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, beginning in 1759.

A result of this settlement is the presence of an abundance of Mayflower descendants in the area between Yarmouth and Barrington. Liverpool became known as a port of privateers. Barrington was noted for its fishing industry and Yarmouth was to become a major ship building and shipping port. Granville and Annapolis would develop significant agricultural holdings Settlement patterns also meant that many shared bloodlines exist between natives of these communities and New England to this day.

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