Touring Through Time

The South West Nova Biosphere Reserve Association is pleased to provide access to our innovative “Touring Through Time/Une Tournée Dans L’Passé” web/smart phone/tablet Map App showcasing sustainable Experiences within the five Counties of the Biosphere.


Touring Through Time /
Une Tournée Dans L’Passé

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About The SNBRA App

This app showcases the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve, which is one of the largest Biospheres in Canada, with this UNESCO designation encompassing over 27% of Nova Scotia.

Funding support was received from Municipalities within the Biosphere, while SNBRA collaborated on App development with the Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG) of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Annapolis Valley Campus, Middleton, Nova Scotia.

As volunteers, SNBRA strives to support education, sustainable culture and natural resources in this UNESCO Biosphere, while fostering growth in the tourism and economic sectors.

How To Use The App

Cultural, Outdoor, Seacoast, and Lighthouse Tab categories are included on this App. The App showcases quality Experiences under each Tab category, as are listed on the left of the App page, while a map containing the same Experience locations is visible on the right. Experiences which appear on the map due to map size, will change locations visible on the left, depending upon which portion of the map is visible. The Tabs at the top determine which category of Experiences are displayed. Pull down tabs at the top also allow for links to Municipal and town web sites within the Biosphere.

Enlarging the map size near town boundaries will allow for additional information to become available for that area. Clicking on the boundary opens access to that town website. Icons exist on the map for tide times, weather, highway web cams, visitor information centers, restaurants, and hotels, which become visible on the enlarged map. The App also incorporates route access and location features for users with those equipment features.

Each showcased Experience includes a short introduction, and a link to the more detailed web site for that Experience, simply by clicking on the Experience picture, or its number location on the map. Quick access to web sites will also be useful to facilitate access by visitors to secure booking arrangements, as well as encouraging visitors to stay and enjoy the southwestern region as a destination area.

While access to our App is free, users should be aware that some mobile equipment may incur roaming charges if located outside of their network area, depending upon each specific user plan. We advise that users should not create an icon in the Apple iPhone control panel to facilitate repeated access to the app, due to the above potential costs. SNBRA and its partners do not accept any liability for costs incurred by users in regard to the above.

We are certain that you will enjoy your time spent relaxing and exploring the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve.

To explore a selection of showcased experiences:

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